In Streams

ETYM-00101. The Central Speechscrambler I
02. Dogstar
03. Paranoid King
04. In Streams
05. Data d’Amour
06. The Central Speechscrambler II
07. Lonesome DJ
08. Dead Air
09. Analogue Cheese Smile
10.The Central Speechscrambler III


Takamovskyʼs debut album In Streams deals with life and communication in various data streams. The album is populated by twittering dogs,  lonesome DJs, paranoid facebookers, speechscrambled anchormen, dead air and data dʼamour.

The 10 tracks, embedded in echoing aural landscapes, oscillate between songs and sonics. Takamovsky blends speech-based, granulated electronic soundscapes, beats, and transformed field recordings with bass and processed guitars and merges everything to a stream of sound, in which acoustic glimpses of songs, swirling voice-particles, soundscapes, noise, and harmonic structures alternately submerse and arise.

Music and lyrics composed and written by Juergen Berlakovich
All basses, guitars, electronics, banjos, bows, and beats, field recordings, speechscrambles, speech grains & voicetruments played, programmed, sung, recorded, arranged, and produced by Juergen Berlakovich.

Mix: Oliver Brunbauer at Feedback Studio 2
Mastering: Kassian Troyer
Cover Design: Ulrich Troyer

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